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Catherine Blaiklock is a local business woman who has lived in Norfolk since she was 3 months old and was the first person ever to get a scholarship to Oxford from both a Norwich comprehensive school and a government care home.

She believes she is the real face of UKIP, as none of the traditional parties say what the local people of Great Yarmouth feel and need. She wants to literally put ‘The Great back into Great Yarmouth’ by being UKIP’s first real MP, and by voting UKIP, the 71% of leave voters in the Great Yarmouth borough will get a strong, local voice to make sure May does not pay out £50 billion to the EU and literally sell our fishing down the river.

Our seaside towns are representative of what’s wrong with the political and social system – they have not only been forgotten by the London MP’s and the liberal elite but they have been used, literally, as a dumping ground without any investment at all.

? When tax cuts to help local businesses and hotels have been suggested, they have always been rejected by central government.?
The fact that shocked the daughter of the celebrated Antarctic explorer, Ken Blaiklock O.B.E who worked in Great Yarmouth in the oil industry all Catherine’s childhood, was that life expectancy in her Norfolk coast constituency is on average nearly 7 years less than in the rest of the country.

According to Government health figures, Deprivation in Great Yarmouth is higher than average and about 25.7% (4,500) children live in poverty. Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the England average. Life expectancy is 8.8 years lower for men and 6.0 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Great Yarmouth than in the least deprived areas of the rest of the UK.
12 Aug 2014

Just as Trump found votes in the ‘Rust Belt’, she believes UKIP has strong support in the ‘Beach Belt’ of English seaside towns that have seen traditional industries like fishing

Marine services and tourism decimated by successive Labour and Conservative governments, that would rather spend £12 billion a year on overseas aid than services for local people. Catherine says that as far as government money is concerned, Charity literally begins at home.

Another issue is Green vanity projects like wind farms which end up costing us all £850 per year and Great Yarmouth just gets the view. They provide no employment for the local economy because everything is manufactured in China. often under EU rules?
contracted abroad? and even the engineers and workers come from other areas and countries?.

Catherine Blaiklock said
“The referendum didn’t divide the country, it reflected a division already there, none more so than in a 71% Brexit vote, in the once thriving seaside town. Metropolitan elitists still don’t understand millions have been left behind economically and are not interested in London political correctness. The EU’s ‘punish’ Britain campaign since Brexit shows it is about power, not local people. Paul Nuttall, her own party leader is standing in, similarly forgotten in Boston and Skegness.

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